LG G4 Single SIM – 32GB, 3GB, 4G LTE

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  • Storage Capacity 32 GB
  • RAM Memory 3 GB
  • Product weight 155g
  • Mobile Phone Type Smartphone
  • Networking type 4G LTE
  • Megapixel l16 Megapixel
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Add a touch of uniqueness and rustic charm to your persona with the beautiful LG H815 smartphone. This gorgeous device is available in a charismatic black color that stands out with its textural hammered array pattern with classic leather back. It feels smooth in your hands and has an exclusive threaded stitch that runs down the back. But looks are just the beginning of what this beauty has to offer. It has a huge 32GB internal storage for all your content, be it songs, games, movies, or videos. These multimedia files look absolutely gorgeous on the wide 5.5inch display. This is a Quad HD display that can produce images at high resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels. These are clear cut and sharp pictures that define the quality of your entertainment. And this is just grazing the surface.

Physical Features

Physical Features

Key Features

Micro-SD up to 2TB


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n


Qualcomm® Snapdragon™
808 Processor with X10 LTE

32 GB


5.5 inches


Li-Ion 3,000mAh

Click Clarity

Click Clarity

The LG H815 has a number of different features to offer and one of them is the powerful 16MP camera at the back. This camera is accompanied by the F1.8 lens that contributes toward the magnificence that are your pictures and videos. This is an ultra bright lens that is famous for its beautifully sharp and professional looking photos. This camera is ideal for low light situations and portrait shots.

Keeping it Bright and Interesting

Keeping it Bright and Interesting

The LG H815 incorporates a cutting edge and innovative new infrared sensitive color spectrum sensor into its design. This is situated at the back of the phone alongside the camera. It measures and analyzes the ambient light within a scene before it snaps the next masterpiece. This ensures that your image is colored with natural and vivid shades even in low light situations.

Making a Masterpiece of Every Moment

Making a Masterpiece of Every Moment

The wise man who said, “Relax, everything is not under control,” was probably right. However, the LG H815 lets you control some aspects of your life. Like how you choose to capture a moment, how dark or bright you want it to be, etc. With the Manual Mode on hand, you will be able to tweak the brightness and darkness of a shot, freeze movement faster, and even facilitate low light shooting by adjusting the camera settings. You can also capture something as fast as light easily and artfully with the light trail effect that this phone offers. Now even moments that would normally speed past you can be captured in crisp and sharp pictures with this phone’s laser detection autofocus and OIS 2.0. The latter is an improved Optical Image Stabilizer that drastically reduces camera shakes.

Actions Speak

Actions Speak

The 8MP front shooter of the LG H815 is perfect for capturing that selfie. This camera employs LG’s innovative Gesture Shot and Gesture View features to make snapping pretty shots easy. Open your palm in front of the screen and ball it into a fist to click a picture. Repeat the above twice to get four consecutive shots.


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