Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Single SIM – 32GB, 3GB, 4G LTE

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Number of Sim: SINGLE SIM (Micro-SIM)
ROM Size: 32 GB
RAM Size: 3 GB
Display Size: 5.7"
Camera (Main): 13 MP
Camera (Front): 2 MP
Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
CPU Speed: 2.3 GHz
CPU Type: Quad-core
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There are voice recorders, and there is the Galaxy Note 3. The audio quality of the voice recorder on the Note 3 is unprecedented. The phone is equipped with one of the world’s finest mobile directional recording functions. It not only reduces background noise and natural ambiance, but also maintains professional levels of audio.Knox is the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3’s security solution. It meets the industry’s high security standards, and is quite the virtual lock that you can have on your sensitive data, and the phone itself.Enhance the pleasure of personal interactions with the GALAXY Note 3. You can now connect multiple GALAXY Note 3s for not only interlinked sound but video, including cinematic views.With the S Pen, you can now even touch hard key buttons with ease.That’s not all, you can now use the Galaxy Note 3 without putting your S Pen down!


Physical Features


168 g.


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

13 MP Rear


5.7 inches

Up to 20 Hours Talk Time

Quad-core 1.9 GHz
Quad-core 1.3 GHz


A quick activation of your memos is a highlighted feature.Noting down memos to be done now or later is now a lot more interactive and fun.The Action Memo feature allows you to convert handwritten memos into actionable links like web or location searches, calls, To-Dos or emails, new contacts, and tasks.For example, you can call a jotted telephone number by simply pressing Link to Action. This connects you to that number without the need for any other steps.


An Organizational tool that allows you to sort your moments anytime, anywhere..The need to fret over organizing the information and contents stored in your phone is unfounded with this feature. With the Galaxy Note 3, you can easily track down and categorize images, videos and other content by simply clicking on the ‘Scrapbooker’ button in Air Command.All you have to do is circle the information or image that you want to save and move it into Scrapbook. Categorizing and designing your own personalized Scrapbook has never been easier.


A search module with options detailed enough to let you locate anything on your phone or the web.Now nothing will be lost on your Galaxy Note 3.All you need to do is just click the pen to access S Finder and search for keywords and/or apply date, location or content filters from one starting point. You can find images, videos, audio, notes, events, documents, chats, and even help advice.The whole process is very simple and it automatically saves dates and enables location tags in the Camera, S Note, Scrapbook, and Voice recorder.


Now manage and compose your thoughts with more ease.Making notes has never been this much fun.The new S Note allows you to quickly scribble notes on wide canvases, browse through them and even edit them without having to do any re-writing or re-drawing.You can also sync the new S Note with Evernote or a Samsung account. This will enable you to view contents from your PC or tablet.The new Easy Chart function transcribes scribbled charts and turns them into professional-looking, detailed graphs in an instant.


Crop out images instantly! You can now neatly crop images without the need for any professional image editing tools.All you need to do is choose the area that you want cropped, and the new Easy Clip feature will just remove the background in an instant.A new, professional, and smart way to enhance the boundaries of your creativity.


Why type when you can write with the S Pen.The dynamism of a writing hand with the accuracy of a keyboard.The Galaxy Note 3 effectively recognizes both your handwriting and typing!Its advanced handwriting recognition technology accurately reads most writing styles and transcribes the same into messages, a memo, alarm, or simply a phone function.This smart feature provides added ease and flair to your text usage.

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